Sunday, 12 February 2012


'Love means the body, the soul, the life, the entire being. We feel love as we feel the warmth of our blood, we breathe love as we breathe air, we hold it in ourselves as we hold our thoughts. Nothing more exists for us.'


  1. love means ur becoming one with another, wat hurts the person u love hurts you also, wat makes them happy makes u happy as well. an experience like no other after all it was because of love that God sent his only Son. to laugh together, cry together, dream together be there for each other. always and forever as I always like to put it.............wen u fall in love, stay in love n the sweeter the stories will b wen u tell ur kids of how u met the love of ur life

  2. On Hearing of Love
    On hearing about great love, respond, be moved
    like an aesthete. Only, fortunate as you've been,
    remember how much your imagination created for you.
    This first, and then the rest
    that you experienced and enjoyed in your life:
    the less great, the more real and tangible.
    Of loves like these you were not deprived.

  3. Hidden Things

    From all I did and all I said
    let no one try to find out who I was.
    An obstacle was there distorting
    the actions and the manner of my life.
    An obstacle was often there
    to stop me when I'd begin to speak.
    From my most unnoticed actions,
    my most veiled writing -
    from these alone will I be understood.
    But maybe it isn't worth so much concern,
    so much effort to discover who I really am.
    Later, in a more perfect society,
    someone else made just like me
    is certain to appear and act freely.

  4. What we protect here like sleepless guards,
    wounds and secrets locked inside us,
    protect with such great anxiety day after day,
    we'll reveal freely and clearly down there.

    CP Cavafy